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Pet Friendly Process


For over 15 years, Brewer's Carpets-'R-Us has been a friendly, family business that listens and understands our customer needs. Our team of professionals has over 30 years of experience in the carpet cleaning, installation and repair industry. Our goal and mission is to educate the public regarding the benefit and value of dry cleaning as opposed to other more damaging methods of carpet cleaning. The key difference is QUALITY.

Kid Safe Process


  • short drying time
  • easy and simple to apply
  • protects from resoiling
  • cost efficient 
  • no soaking of the carpet
  • no browning
  • no wet or sticky residues
  • biodegradable ingredients
  • phosphate free
  • 100% natural raw materials

In home sample availability


Our highly trained staff will help you in determining what your carpet needs are and the best and most affordable way to accommodate your household. With many carpet services to choose from we are a one stop shop to helping you accomplish this. 


Brewer's Carpets-'R-Us is here to improve the life of your carpet. We use a dry cleaning process on your carpets and we promise there will be no soaking of the carpet, no browning, nor wet or sticky residues. This process offers a short drying time and protection from resoiling.  We use raw, 100% natural materials with biodegradable ingredients. All products are detergent free. The end result is drier, cleaner and healthier carpets in your home without the need for steam, soap, excess water or harsh chemicals.
 We are pet friendly and child safe. Best known for our cleaning, restretching and repairs. We are your one stop shop. We do it right the first time, everytime. Guaranteed.

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